Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chronicles 3/6 to 3/8/14 Building the Kitten Bedroom

After the kitnapping episode, hubby and I decided we needed a safe and secure bed for the kittens so there would be no more kitnapping! We buttoned up the shed and went to Home Depot to get wood etc. It was going to be a long day. It was cold outside.

Good thing we had the shed closed, because Mamma Kitty had moved the babies AGAIN out of their big box onto the shed floor. I freaked out! Hubby was going to wait until Sunday to make the cage, but I begged him to make it today and he did. 

Here is his AWESOMENESS!

Mamma's Door! I would let her out when she wanted. I had a padlock on it to keep Tink out. Good thing too, because I caught Tink trying to pull on the latch!

Here are the sweet munchkins enjoying their new beautiful spacious bedroom. 

Stay tuned for more cute photos and happenings! Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Kitnapper Caper on March 5 2014 "Edited to Full Story"

Sorry it's been so long since the last post.....been so busy busy!

Some of you know that I have spayed and neutered most of the feral cat colony except for Mamma Kitty and Simba-I can't catch him to save my life!

They live in our old shed, and my husband had cut out a "doggie door" for them so they could go in and out whenever they wished. They have a luxurious life for feral cats!

Mamma had these six precious kittens on February 9, 2014.

February 10, 2014

February 12, 2014

I didn't get her spayed for obvious reasons on February 13 and 14, and I needed good weather for the others to recuperate in, because their temperatures are lower after surgery and could get hypothermia in cold weather. I had tried in January to round them up and it was a good thing I couldn't catch them because then that nasty arctic junk came swooping down on us.

When the kittens were about a two days old, Nala started getting into the crate with Mamma and the babies.

February 11, 2014

I saw her needing on Mamma and thought she was soothing her and helping keep the kittens warm. Then one day I noticed Nala was sucking on a nipple! Mamma’s milk didn't look like it was coming in too well and I worried I would have to help feed sooner than the usual kitten age of 4 weeks. Maybe Nala was helping get it all going, or maybe she felt she still needed some milk, but I kept telling her to quit stealing the milk! My husband calls her the Milk Thief! A day or two later she wasn't getting in the crate anymore. Feral cats’ behavior is somewhat different I guess, and they are all related, but who knows with animals, right?  But I noticed Mamma’s milk was coming in a lot better than before, but maybe it takes that long for her to produce a lot, I have no idea! I’m flying blind here!

I had to switch out the crate for a bigger box on February 19, because they were growing like weeds and almost able to peek out over the top of the crate and it was getting crowded! 

crate on February 18, 2014

New BIGGER box February 19,2014 

A few days went by, and I noticed Tinkerbell started getting into the new cardboard box and cuddling up to the kittens. 

This photo is from March 5, 2014 

She would literally scoop a couple of them up in her arms. She didn't like me touching them much either. Mamma didn't mind me touching them though. It was chilly out so I figured Tink was helping keep the kittens warm. Those babies were toasty during that second arctic blast called Titan. I also noticed some of the kittens were going to her nipples and sucking. I thought Oh how sweet! She’s pacifying them.

I called the vet to see if she could be producing milk, and it could be possible. Even though she was spayed. 

As you can see, this box is now too small. The kittens were starting to walk and I figured they needed more room to grow. The poor babies were going round and round in circles! So I put together a longer box on  March 5, 2014  and put the babies in it around noon. ( I had bought a  three foot long rabbit cage for them but where the wires were welded there were sharp areas all over so I had to return it)


So, since Mamma had the babies, I have been going in the shed at regular four hour intervals to feed her extra can food to keep up her energy. I had completely forgotten that I needed to be feeding her kitten chow until March 6th and she has been eating that up regularly and doesn't want the soft food at all anymore!!!
Anyway, so I was talking to the hubster over at his shop that sits parallel to the shed and I decided I wanted more coffee and had turned to go inside the house. 

My husband saw Tinkerbell carrying something in her mouth coming form the direction of the shed. We saw a white tummy and freaked out! SHE HAD ONE OF THE KITTENS!!! My husband ran to try to stop her from going under the trailer, (they have a spot under the porch that's easy access for them), while I walked as fast as I could to the shed to see if what we saw really was a kitten. I counted ...one....two....three...four.... I stared in disbelief! We saw her with the second kitten she had kitnapped!!!

Unfortunately Tinkerbell had made it under the house with the kitten. She had taken Rumpel and Snow.  My husband ran back to his shop to get a small piece of plywood to block up the doggie door on the shed and to prevent her or anyone else from kitnapping anymore babies........

Dennis runs back to the trailer and starts ripping off the skirting. Even if Tinkerbell did have milk, we didn't know if she was going to be able to care for them properly, or if she would kill them or leave them out in the field somewhere or what she was going to do. I wondered, if she was pregnant when she was spayed (more than likely was) and if she was having some kind of issues with not having kittens and then now she got attached to these kittens and wanted them for her own. I have no idea! I do know that the mothers run off with babies that are ill and won't survive, but this was different. And Tinkerbell's eyes looked crazy strange too. I mean literally crazy!

After hubby ripped off the skirting by the back porch, the first thing we see is a dead possum!!! Yuk! Did the cats kill it or the skunk? (We have been having a skunk or two digging and getting under the trailer too. They have been doing it since we moved out here in the country back in 1992. I guess the cats have been cohabiting with it at opposite ends.) Hubby said he heard fighting one night, but thought it sounded like a cat. I don't think the cats would fight it because possums have long curled fangs throughout their mouth like an alligator!!! It's quite terrifying! He ran it out to the back field away from everyone.

It was dusk at this time and we're freaking out because its getting down to freezing tonight and we are worried about the babies. Tinkerbell may or may not have milk but she doesn't have the mother's instinct and we didn't want to take any chances.

So we shine our flashlights underneath and in the front right corner of the house there sits Tinkerbell with Snow who's crying loudly. Broke our hearts! So hubby goes over to that part of the house and starts banging on the skirting hoping to run Tinkerbell away from the baby. I'm still by the back porch making sure she doesn't come out with Snow on this end. Then he rips off the skirting over there and dives in after Snow. I walk around the house and he hands her to me. I wipe her off and cuddle her because she's shaking. I imagine from both cold and the loud noise scaring her.

I put her in the shed with Mamma and Emma was so excited to see Snow and Mamma cleaned her right up. I get back and the hubster is belly crawling all underneath the trailer. At one point he got himself stuck under a tie down. Even though he gets into small confined places at work he said he started to panic but then talked himself out of it. Told himself to "man-up". He got loose and continued to look while I kept looking too from the outside with my flashlight. We found nothing! No sign of Rumpel anywhere and he wasn't making any noise.

 Hubby took a break to gather himself and to see if he could hear anything underneath the trailer and I went to go feed the outside cats. It was about 7:30 pm now, dark out and getting colder. About 15 minutes later, I was inside washing the cat dishes and crying and praying that he would find Rumpel alive and well. I felt so sad for the baby.

Then I heard rapping on the pipes. I thought Dennis was trying to get the kitten to meow or something again. Then he started yelling my name and I walked as fast as I could outside asking if he was OK. Dennis had squirmed over by the back porch. He had found Rumpel! He had heard him crying in the insulation and had to reach up in there to get him. He was afraid the little guy was going to run from him but he didn't.

I took Rumpel inside and gave him a warm bath to get the insulation off him, then put him out with his family in the shed. They were all excited to see him.

 My husband is my super duper hero. He saved 2 precious lives tonight!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Updates From Posting Photos on my Facebook Page Part 1

Posted on January 8th, 2014-

The Shedley's

Mamma and her babies at dinnertime around 11 24 2013

Eating 12/3/2013 

They are getting bigger!

Neighbor's (on our east side) cat, named Tiger. He stays over here most of the time now too especially at breakfast and dinner. I see him and Tinkerbell run from over there at his other home at feeding time.

Tinkerbell on 11/19/2013

Big Daddy on 12/3/2013
I can pet Big Daddy sometimes. Lately he has been hanging out on back porch railing. He has such a quiet voice for being such a big boy. I call him Big Daddy because he is very loving with the 4 baby kittens, fatherly like. And he loves his sister Tinkerbell too. They snuggle a lot in the shed in the round bed thing.
UPDATE : January 14, 2014
Big Daddy is becoming more loveable to me. He sits on back steps railing waiting for breakfast and dinner everyday and quietly says hi and lets me rub his back.  No chinny chin scratches yet, I figure about another month and we'll be good friends.

Shadow and Mamma on 12/3/2013
Shadow and Mamma Kitty on  are on the boat tarp, which they all love to play "tag" on. It's now ripped, but they still have the back area to play on. Shadow id from the other Mamma cat and was left behind. Mamma cat has adopted her though. Shadow is the first one I was able to pet. She is very loving but I can't hold her for too long.

Elfie on 11/19/2013
Sweet Elfie! She is the second one I got to pet, and the first one I got to hold. She loves cuddles every day. She greets me at the door ( so does everyone but they run to the feeding spot) and walks with me to the feeding spot each morning and night. She is such a sweet little thing. She helps me fill the water bowls too. We have 4 of them scattered around out here.

Elfie On 11/19/2013
All the 4 babies drank like this in the beginning! LOL Now they use the block.

Nala on 1/21/14

Elfie's other sister Nala looks like her with just a few differences in their mask. Nala is still afraid of me. She has let me "touch" her but not really pet her yet.

Tuffie on 11/19/2013

This is Tuffie! She likes to climb on the roof of the house with Simba and way up in the high branches of our tall tree. She is a brave and tough little thing.

Simba on 11/19/2013
Little Simba! As of January 8th 2014, I have finally been able to pick him up! He loves back rubs. I couldn't tell his gender until about 2 weeks ago. They don't hold still often enough for me to get pictures unless they are eating! 


Playing on the log pile after breakfast this morning.

Their food trays! Its easier to carry this way. A couple of kitties steal from others before eating their portion and I have to gently nudge them back to their spot. LOL

Dinner 1/8/2014
Babies are getting so big! Mamma must have been out mousing but she was back this morning.

I loved going through these photos again, it brought back so many wonderful memories! I will post more Facebook updates from the past tomorrow, and I hope you stop by again! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the Beginning........

We live out in the country and have been blessed with eight feral cats that migrated from the neighbors to live on our 3 acres. We already have five indoor cats, and with one being a diabetic, and all five of them on special food because of the diabetic, it is an expensive endeavor already. Now we are feeding the eight feral cats plus our east side neighbor's cat too.
Earlier Last Year:
Our neighbors’ (to the west of us) daughter had to move back home earlier this year because of her husband’s health issues (pancreatic cancer) and his inability to work anymore and the daughter had brought two strays with her. Then we noticed about a month or two after they moved in, there were 3 kittens over there too. We wondered if they would get them fixed...........
Then around August, I happened to look out my window and saw about eight more kittens running and playing under some cars the neighbors have parked out back.......Apparently they didn't fix the cat!!!
So fast forward to:
Around November 11, 2013, I was feeding this stray cat we call Missy Hisser, 

Missy Hisser  on 11/11/2013
(Funny name, I know, but when she rubs on us and talks to us she hisses instead of meows. Fortunately she has been spayed... I know this because she visited us in May and I noticed she didn't have any claws, and she looked familiar, so I called my other neighbor that lives to the east of us and she said that was the stray cat I gave her a couple of years ago that she had spayed and de-clawed and then it ran off! I had suggested NOT to de-claw the cat when I gave it to them. I don't think Missy Hisser liked the little dog they had, it always barks, but she likes to make the rounds in the neighborhood to see people and get a variety of life) and the 3 kittens from the neighbor’s house (to the west of us) who are about 6 -8 months old now, a black one and 2 white ones, came over whining and trying to get Hisser’s food. They were acting so hungry, so I fed them. They gobbled it up like they haven't eaten in days.

Shadow on 11/9/2013
So for the next few days I kept watching out my window to see if any of the people next door would come out to feed them, the daughter did a couple of mornings and one night and that’s all I noticed. So I kept feeding them when I fed Missy Hisser. Then Missy Hisser left in a about 4 days. I guess it was because she didn't want to be around the other cats, the last time she had stayed 2 weeks. So I stopped feeding the others, I figured maybe if I didn't feed them they'd get fed at their home. Maybe that's why I never saw her feed them, because she saw me feeding them. Well, the 3 of them came to my back door whining two nights later. When I fed them, they ate so fast that they were either not getting fed or not getting enough food. Broke my heart! My husband told me to just go ahead and feed them on a regular schedule.
I had been feeding the 2 white cats and black cat for awhile, and they had started staying over here, lounging in the fenced area and playing on the log piles. It is like a kitty jungle gym over here, so many things to climb up and on! One night as I was heading to the back porch steps, I saw 2 shiny eyes peeking up at me! It startled me because at first I thought it might be a skunk!

Tuffie on 11 18 13

The kitten was very hard to see because it was a tortoise shell and about 3 months old. I thought, 'Oh my God! It's one of the new kittens from next door!'

I spoke to it but it ran off back to the neighbors. 

The next day my husband went into our shed to get ice out of the freezer. He said when he opened the door, four little furry faces and the Mamma Kitty were looking at him from inside the crate I had put a blanket in for Missy Hissy when she was here. I figure the other kittens had told them there was food here so they moved in too. 

So what am I supposed to do? Call the pound and then they'd be put down? NO WAY! So the hubby said to feed them too. 

And so begins...The Chronicles of the Shedley Cats! 

Welcome to The Chronicles of the Shedley Cats!

This is going to be a fun blog, one where I will chronicle the happenings of my feral cat colony, who live in one of our old sheds, hence their name The Shedleys. A few blogs at first will be backtracking to get everything in one place, then there will be current blogs, hopefully daily, with fun photos and videos of all the precious cuteness growing up!

I hope you visit often and enjoy THE CHRONICLES OF THE SHEDLEY CATS!